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Words of Affirmation

Love Languages, the heartstrings that comprise the foundation of Love. The way we humans act toward each other is considered our Love Language. What is your Love Language? For example, would you or your partner rather receive a nice dinner out or a $100 cash?...what about a hard written note saying how much you are loved or just a helpful hand on a busy day? The truth is All of The Above, but each individual may gravitate toward One Love Language over another. The way we receive and give Love is very important to a healthy loving lifestyle. Take your love language quiz free.

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The 5 Love Languages...Language, such as English, is how we communicate with each other. What about Love? Well...according to "Love Doctors" there are actual languages involved in Love that go beyond our daily interactions. These Languages are called; Words of Affection, Acts of Kindness, Quality Time, Giving Gifts and Physical Touch. Each of us has a Language that stands above the rest, however All 5 of the Love Languages should be implemented to increase a loving relationship, between and directed at both loving parties. With all of us just SO busy, it's important to make time to understand our own personal Love Language and our partner's Love Language. A little Love in the right direction can go a really long way. Little acts, such as going for a walk after work might seem "irrelevant" but this is communicating by the Language of "Quality Time" without having to say a Word.

Words of Affirmation

Words of Affirmation are more than just meaningless sounds. Words strike a cord with the soul and secure the feeling of connecting emotionally and superlatively. What one says, (or doesn't say) may linger so speak with love and care to this love type.

Words of Affirmation...are very important! It may seem words are complete ramblings until one receives a hurtful, stinging word. Well, if Words can hurt, then how powerful can words become when used with Love and Affection. This world is filled with constant criticism and slanderous people...not you. You can be the light of "Loving Words" to pass on Words of Affirmation to your family, partner, and people you meet. Words can move mountains and motivate people to do great things so direct your words with Love and purpose.

Ways to show Love or be Loved through Words of Affirmation.

  • Compassionate Words..."I love You", "You complete Me"
  • Written notes, cards, letters...written little messages
  • Non-verbal Words...body language of loving cues
  • Appreciation...I'm glad you are apart of my journey
  • Filter your words...what you Don't say may be best

Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness can be simple gestures to go out of one's way to try and satisfy another. Showing that "Ill always be there for you" and lending a helping help in need really go a long way with this love type.

Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness...is one of the highest frequency levels of Love humans can reach for the fact that one has to "put themselves in the others shoes" to accomplish. Thinking outside of one's self and acknowledging the feelings or needs of another. It takes living in the present moment and love to comprehend another's situation and feelings. What can I do to show I care and understand my loved one's perspective?

Ways to show Love or be Loved through Acts of Kindness.

  • Simple Acts...bringing a morning coffee or opening doors.
  • Be on your Manors...Being nice and polite will always shows kindness.
  • Verbal Words and action...What can I do for you today that would make you happy?
  • Little gifts...Acts can also be little gifts, like a snack on a local stop.
  • Kindness in Words...Thank you my love!

Quality Time

Quality Time is the act of being together physically and/or virtually with a stable and consistent communication. Planning and scheduling events and time together works best with this love type.

Quality Time

Quality Time...or building memories. When our time has come, will we look back on all the monies we made or if our teams won or lost? No, it's all about the People, the events and places or Time well spent. Spending time with friends and loved ones, in loving situations, builds confidence, connections and creates long lasting memories. Time together in-person, online or in groups with the common goal of ingenuity, love and peace is Quality Time.

Ways to show Love or be Loved through Quality Time.

  • Spending Time...Spend time like you spend money, budget your time for loved ones.
  • Next Event?...Big or small, an event should always be on the calendar.
  • One V One...Time alone, together is quality time.
  • Virtual Time...Have quality online time with text or social threads throughout day.
  • Hey Hey Hey...Reach out and say "Hi", "Would you like to do anything?"

Giving Gifts

Giving Gifts is the act of giving and receiving gifts from another. Spending time deciding on personal and thankful gifts to give, as well as receive from others, is important to this love type.

Giving Gifts ways

Giving Gifts...everyone loves to receive a gift, but only if it's something we want or like. Gifts should be thoughtful and have meaning, showing reference to the gift receiver's past events or a future goals. Earth is a monetary planet built on cash, so everyone likes money. Giving small amounts of cash or little gifts as a "love you" can go a long way in building a greater love. These little gifts add up and create a safe and loving feeling. Loving through gifts is best when you can match a gift with receiver's personal emotional feelings and is one of the best places to start strengthening a higher love.

Ways to show Love or be Loved through Giving Gifts.

  • Giving Gifts...Receive a gift kindly because giving is just as important as receiving.
  • Cash Gifts...When in doubt, gift cash, gift card to gift language love type.
  • Thoughtfulness...Receiver feels connection with gift to connection with loved one.
  • Appreciation...A gift should show appreciation and is ok to ask, What can I get for you?
  • Words and Letters...typically would have to be a additional to a gift to suffice loved one..

Physical Touch

Physical Touch is the contact or "close-by-ness" of another. Holding hands, massages, laying chest-to-chest, and the act of a gentle loving presence is important to this love type.

Physical Touch Ways

Physical Touch...the physical loving, rubbing, supportive presence. Physical touch is the one Love Languages that can rise the butterflies in the heart. Learning to give a loving back pat, holding hands or chest to chest hug is one of the best ways to physically show your Love. This Love Language takes time and trust to implement due to the fact that not many people allow physical touch util there is a comfort level established. To give a hug or rub, usually there is a pre-existing friendly, loving relationship and the Physical touch language builds on this pre-existing relationship.

Ways to show Love or be Loved through Physical Touch.

  • Physical Touch...is not considered 'just' sex, but a gentile touch, rub, soothing physical connection.
  • Touch of Love...a comfortable touch of warmth or hug.
  • Massage and Rubs...Ask how to rub your partner, maybe foot or back rubs.
  • Taking Notice...Noticing physical traits such as new haircut or working out.
  • Chest to Chest...connecting physically by holding hands or laying chest to chest.

Love to Whom?

Make sure to Love Yourself

Love Everyone...especially yourself. Did you know that inside this portal of a human body is a spirit? This spirit, which connects with our minds and souls, can travel to the kingdom of heaven and back. The spirit inside of you has a greater strength, stronger armor and is cared for by the Heavenly Father more than we can understand. So protect your spirit and love your spirit with all your guard and might. If someone is not treating you fairly, stand up and defend your spirit. All human beings have this spirit and all humans demand a level of respect. We also have to consider your inner thoughts...What are you thinking on the inside? Are you rooting for others to fail so you look better, do you have repeat voice patterns or negative feelings about the future. Of course you do, we live in a fallen world. The inner thoughts (mind) is the spiritual battleground. Filling your thinking, thoughts, by reading the bible everyday will retrain your brain for inner joy and Love. If you need help loving yourself, start reading the bible, New Testament and pray from your knees. As philosopher Eckhart Toole describes in his book, The Power of Now, when you think in the future, you create an anxiety emotion, when you live in the past, you create a depressive emotion. All you have is the NOW, as in the present moment. With this moment, you all have the power within you, provided through Jesus Christ, for inner peace, success in all fields such as emotions, relationships, monies and riches of God's Kingdom.

Ways to Love yourself.

  • Inner Thoughts...Read the bible every morning.
  • Pray on your Knees...Ask for what your want and healed relationships.
  • Take Time Off...So much to do, let someone else handle the little things.
  • Hobbies...Pick up something new and fun. Learn to dance without drinking.
  • Teach people how to treat you...Its ok to tell people that hurt my feelings or distance yourself from "wild tongues".
  • Drink Protein Shakes...Best way to get in shape, brain and muscles demand protein.
  • 30 min...Workout, run, get the day's problems out everyday.